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Welcome to my MIDI Pages! Below you will find links to all the different MIDI Pages. I have pages with graphics, low graphics, by catagory, and alphabetically. So you have a choice as to which kind of MIDI Pages you would like to visit. I hope you find what you are looking for and be sure to sign My Guestbook so I know you have been here. Also you can Email Me with any suggestions, comments, or just to say "HI". Thanks for visiting and take care.

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MIDI Index
Please note: None of the downloads are available at this time while I redesign the site and not exceed the allowed free space. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

50s MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
60s MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
70s MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
80s MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
90s MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
2000 Millenium MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
A to Z MIDI Page        ~ low graphics ~
A Christmas Celebration        ~ graphics ~
Blues and Jazz Club        ~ graphics ~
Classicals MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
Complete MIDI File List        ~ low graphics ~
Country MIDI Corral        ~ graphics ~
Inspirational MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
Love Songs MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
MIDI Jukebox        ~ graphics ~
My MIDI Links        ~ graphics ~
The Movie House        ~ graphics ~
Ragtime MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
Reggae MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~
Sequencer Spotlite Page        ~ graphics ~
TV Tunes MIDI Page        ~ graphics ~


Help Save the MIDIs

Remember, these MIDIS are zipped so you will need a program like Winzip to open it after downloading the MIDI.

Also, if you would like more information about The MIDI Fight, go to Music Relief Association and read the latest about it. If you enjoy listening to MIDIs or creating MIDIs, you should really join up. You don't need a website, just be a MIDI fan. It really is important that everyone who enjoys MIDIs to read up on what is happening to the MIDI world. And what you can do to stop it! More and more MIDI sites are disappearing, and this site may be next unless more people join up and show their support.

Help Save MIDIs!



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