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Reggae MIDI Page


Welcome to my Reggae MIDI Page!

Reggae. Calypso. Island Sounds. No other music can make you feel so good or get your toes to tapping like it can. Below you will find a list of my Reggae MIDIs. The files with a ball are original works of Messian Dread and The Dubroom. I am including them with permission, so do the right thing. Please request permission to use any of those MIDIs. All others were found on the net and/or thru free use CDs. I hope you enjoy your visit to my "little island paradise" and be sure to sign My Guestbook or Email Me.

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Help Save the MIDIs

Remember, these MIDIS are zipped so you will need a program like Winzip to open it after downloading the MIDI.
Also, if you would like more information about The MIDI Fight, go to Music Relief Association and read the latest about it. You can even join up. I did!

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Aksum Dub  Messian Dread Apocalypso  Messian Dread Au Revoir
Azazel Mistake  Messian Dread Banana Boat Song Behold In Dub  Messian Dread
Blesseth Is The Man In Dub  Messian Dread Boney M MegaMix Calypso
Caribbean Caribbean Queen Chasing The Dragon  Messian Dread
China Ting  Messian Dread Coco Jamboo Come In The One Dub  Messian Dread
Controller Dub  Messian Dread Could You Be Loved Dance Before The Throne  Messian Dread
Dis Dread Is Sure  Messian Dread Don't Turn Around Don't Worry, Be Happy
Dreadlock Dreadlock 2 Dreadlock People  Messian Dread
Dread See Scrolls  Messian Dread Dubble Life  Messian Dread Dub, Do The Heathen Rage  Messian Dread
Dub, Dub, I See  Messian Dread Dub Fire Inna Babylon  Messian Dread Dub It In The Dance  Messian Dread
Dubjoicement  Messian Dread Dublock People  Messian Dread Dub Servant  Messian Dread
Dubture  Messian Dread Easy Dub  Messian Dread Equal Rights And Justice
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) Ethiopian Apocalypse  Messian Dread Five Million
Flee Out Of Her My People  Messian Dread Free Up Gettin' Better  Messian Dread
Get Up, Stand Up Golgotha  Messian Dread Gonna Make You Sweat
Guidance Version  Messian Dread Hail, Bob Marley, Superstar  Messian Dread Higher Ground
Hot, Hot, Hot I And I  Messian Dread I and I (Alternative Version)  Messian Dread
I And I And I   Messian Dread I Can't Help Falling In Love Ikonical Version  Messian Dread
Incarnation Dub  Messian Dread In Search Of Understanding  Messian Dread Into The Dubmachine  Messian Dread
Irie Times  Messian Dread I Shot The Sheriff Island
Is This Love Jah, Jah, Show I  Messian Dread Jah Servant  Messian Dread
Jammin' Kingston Town Leave Natty  Messian Dread
Lifeliving  Messian Dread Lonely Dub  Messian Dread Lonely Mix  Messian Dread
Love Is From Jah  Messian Dread Love Is In The House Of Jah  Messian Dread Love Jah And Live  Messian Dread
Maybe Tomorrow Mental Filtration  Messian Dread Messian Dread  Messian Dread
No Woman, No Cry Oh What A Night One Love
One Blood  Messian Dread Orthodox  Messian Dread Passive Dub  Messian Dread
Prophecy To Ebedmelech  Messian Dread Punky Reggae Party Raise Your Concious High  Messian Dread
Rastafari  Messian Dread Rastamon Red, Red Wine
Reggae Nights Rivers Of Babylon Rockers In Dub  Messian Dread
Rock The Nation  Messian Dread Roots And Fruits  Messian Dread See You Sister  Messian Dread
Send Doun  Messian Dread Stepping  Messian Dread Stir It Up
Sunny Day Dub  Messian Dread The Jerusalem Connection  Messian Dread Tiburon
Visions of Jah  Messian Dread Volcano Waiting In Vain
Warn Them Dreadlocks  Messian Dread Yeshouah Dub  Messian Dread


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