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Welcome to the 2000 Millenium MIDI Page!

A new year, new decade, new millenium! The year 2000 will be a special time in each of our lives, I believe. A time of change, growth, future, and remembering the past. We all made it thru the Y2K bug, the doomsayers, the parties! And now, the music is changing, sounding newer, more fresh. Below you will find MIDIs from this year, and hopefully years to come. Be sure to sign my Guest Book, and Email Me if you want to say Hi!! Take care.

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Remember, these MIDIS are zipped so you will need a program like Winzip to open it after downloading the MIDI.
Also, if you would like more information about The MIDI Fight, go to Music Relief Association and read the latest about it. You can even join up. I did!

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ball  Absolutely, Story Of A Girl ball  Affirmation ball  American Pie
ball  Bailamos ball  Because Of You ball  Bent
ball  Bills, Bills Bills ball  Black Balloon ball  Bongo Bong
ball  Born To Make You Happy ball  Breathe ball  Breathless
ball  Bring It All To Me ball  Bye, Bye, Bye ball  Californication
ball  Cartoon Heroes ball  Cowboy ball  Crazy
ball  Crazy (Remix) ball  Dear Jessie ball  Dear Lie
ball  Desert Rose ball  Don't Call Me Baby ball  Don't Say You Love Me
ball  Falls Apart ball  Feelin' So Good ball  Fill Me In
ball  Forgot About Dre ball  Freestyler ball  Genie In The Bottle
ball  Get It On Tonight ball  Girl On TV ball  Guerilla Radio
ball  Hangin' Around ball  Have You Ever ball  He Wasn't Man Enough For Me
ball  If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time ball  If Only ball  I Knew I Loved You
ball  I Need To Know ball  It Feels So Good ball  I Think I'm In Love With You
ball  It's My Life ball  I Turn To You ball  I Wanna Know
ball  I Wanna Love You Forever ball  Kiss The Sun, Don't Shine ball  Kryptonite
ball  Last Resort ball  Learn To Fly ball  Let's Get Loud
ball  Make Me Bad ball  Maria, Maria ball  Mirror, Mirror
ball  Move Your Body ball  Music Of My Heart ball  Never Be The Same Again
ball  Never Let You Go ball  One Week ball  Oops, I Did It Again
ball  Otherside ball  Porcelain ball  Pure Shores
ball  Que Sera 2000 (remix) ball  Reach ball  Rise
ball  Rockafella Skank ball  Say My Name ball  Scar Tissue
ball  Sex Bomb ball  Shake Your Bon Bon ball  Sha La La La
ball  Simple Kind Of Life ball  Sitting Down Here ball  Still Dre
ball  Stronger ball  Summer Moved On ball  Tarzan And Jane
ball  The Ballad Of Chasey Lane ball  Then The Morning Comes ball  The One
ball  The Real Slim Shady ball  There You Go ball  Thong Song
ball  Uncle John From Jamaica ball  What A Girl Wants ball  What You See Is What You Get
ball  Where You Are ball  Will I Ever ball  You Get What You Give
ball  You Sang To Me ball ball

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Never Be The Same Again


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