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The Classicals MIDI Page


Welcome to The Classicals MIDI Page.

Classical music has been around for centuries and still is popular today. Below you will find Bach, Beethoven and many others. Don't forget to sign My Guestbook so I know you have been here. Enjoy the MIDIs!

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dot.gif  1812 Overture dot.gif  Allegro
dot.gif  An American In Paris dot.gif  Arietta from Lyrical Pieces Op.12
dot.gif  Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba dot.gif  Ave Maria
dot.gif  Bourree dot.gif  Bridal March
dot.gif  Carousel dot.gif  Chorale No. 1
dot.gif  Chorale No. 2 dot.gif  Chorale No. 3
dot.gif  Chorale No. 125 dot.gif  Chorale No. 126
dot.gif  Chorale No. 127 dot.gif  Chorale No. 130
dot.gif  Chorale No. 131 dot.gif  Chorale No. 147
dot.gif  Chorale No. 286 dot.gif  Chorale No. 287
dot.gif  Concerto 14, Part 1 dot.gif  Concerto 14, Part 2
dot.gif  Concerto 14, Part 3 dot.gif  Concerto 20
dot.gif  Concerto 21 in C Maj, Part 2 (Andante) dot.gif  Concerto 24 in C Min, Part 1
dot.gif  Crab Canon dot.gif  Cradle Song
dot.gif  Double Concerto dot.gif  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 1st mvt.
dot.gif  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 2nd mvt. dot.gif  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 3rd mvt.
dot.gif  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 4th mvt. dot.gif  Elf Dance
dot.gif  Fifth Symphony dot.gif  Fuga, for String Quartet
dot.gif  Fur Elise dot.gif  Gavotte from Orch. Ste. No. 3
dot.gif  Glimpse Of Eternity dot.gif  Gymnopedies No. 1
dot.gif  Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring dot.gif  June from The Seasons
dot.gif  Minuet dot.gif  Minuet 2
dot.gif  Moonlight Sonata Op.27, No.2, 1st mvt. dot.gif  Partita No. 3, 1st mvt.
dot.gif  Partita No. 3, 4th mvt. dot.gif  Piano Son. in C Maj. 1st mvt.
dot.gif  Piano Son. in C Maj. 2nd mvt. dot.gif  Piano Son. in C Maj. 3rd mvt.
dot.gif  Polacca from Bran. Con. No. 1 dot.gif  Polonaise in B flat Maj.
dot.gif  Prelude & Fugue dot.gif  Prelude & Fugue in C Maj.
dot.gif  Prelude & Fugue in D Min. dot.gif  Prelude & Fugue in E Min.
dot.gif  Prelude & Fugue in F Maj. dot.gif  Prelude & Fugue in G Maj.
dot.gif  Prelude for Organ dot.gif  Prelude in C Min.
dot.gif  Prelude in E Min. dot.gif  Puck
dot.gif  Rhapsody In Blue dot.gif  Rigaudon
dot.gif  Rondo Acapriccio dot.gif  Russ. Folk Song for Piano - 1
dot.gif  Russ. Folk Song for Piano - 7 dot.gif  Russ. Folk Song for Piano - 18
dot.gif  Sonata No. 6, 1st mvt. dot.gif  Sonata No. 6, 2nd mvt.
dot.gif  Sonata No. 6, 4th mvt. dot.gif  Sonata Op. 79
dot.gif  Sonate 7, Part 2 (Andante Cantabile) dot.gif  Sonate 8
dot.gif  Sonate 13, Part 3 (Allegro Grazioso) dot.gif  Sonate in A Maj (Turkse Mars)
dot.gif  Sonate in C dot.gif  Sonate in D Maj
dot.gif  Sonate in D Maj, Part 1 (Allegro) dot.gif  Sonate in D Maj, Part 2 (Andante)
dot.gif  Sonatina Op. 168 No.2 1st mvt. dot.gif  Sonatina Op. 168 No.2 2nd mvt.
dot.gif  Sonatina Op. 168 No.2 3rd mvt. dot.gif  String Quart. #5 in B Flat Maj. Op. 5 #2
dot.gif  Suite in G Maj. 1st mvt. dot.gif  Suite in G Maj. 2nd mvt.
dot.gif  Swan Lake dot.gif  Symphony No. 94, 2nd mvt.
dot.gif  Trio for Piano, Violin & Cello Op.100 dot.gif  Trumpet Tune
dot.gif  Turks Rondo dot.gif  Vol. in A Min. for Organ
dot.gif  Vol. in C Maj. for Organ dot.gif  Waltz in B Min.


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